• Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
  • Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
  • Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
  • Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
  • Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
  • Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
  • Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
  • Soned - Sistemas de Lubrificação Centralizada
Automotive - Trucklub

Truck Lub system lubricates chassis of vehicle while in movement and avoids friction between parts and premature wearing with correct grease metering at the point to be lubricates. System is sealed and pump assembly feeding is by propulsion, which avoids grease contamination. Grease is sent through tubing up to progressive dividers that distribute grease in pre determined and metered quantities.


  • Heavy-duty road transportation vehicles
  • Urban and long distance passenger busses
  • Long distance hauling
  • Urban delivery transportation
  • Off-the-road vehicles such as sugar cane transportation, largesite of works, wood and ore transportation
  • Power shovel, harvest picker, etc.

Truck Lub System is a product approved by the European Community. It is very popular and used due to its low maintenance cost.

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Reduces up to 90% of the lubri-refrigerants consumption and eliminates operations of liquid disposal, cleaning parts and scrap.

A pneumatic micro-pump sprays contact between the toolwith and the workpiece forming an oil film that reduces the friction work.

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Soned offers a complete line of equipment for centralized lubrication, and high quality components, and within a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001-2015.

Through the menu above you can have access to all product lines and choose the model that best fits your needs.


Large inventory, holding a complete line of acessories, among them: pressure gauges, level switches, controllers, timers, tubing (nylon, cooper and carbon steel), fittings grommets, hoses, plain end coupling, clamps. check valves, performance indicators, suction and line strainers, lubricating brushes, flow alarm sign and sprinklers that allow supplying complete kits for lubricating systems including all the necessary components ready to be installed in the machine.

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Resistive type systems are recommended for small and medium size machines that need metered, frequent lubrication.

Manual or single-phase electrical driven pump intermittently sends oil under pressure through a distribution composed by proportional meters that release pre defined discharge of lubricant for each lubricating point of the machine.

Electrical driven pump may be equipped with timer to control operation. Due to its constructive conception, this system is of easy application andlow maintenance cost.

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Progressive lubricating systems may operate with oil or grease (viscosity up to NLGI 2) and are indicated for machines that require lubrication with high degree of efficiency and safety.

Its dividers operate under a sequential principle that each point is successively lubricated.Any impediment in that sequence locks the divider.

This stoppage may be detected by a micro switch and transformed into external alarm signal or shut the machine down.

Pumps of Progressive System are available in the versions manual, pneumatic or electrical driving.Controllers / timers, performance indicators and linefilters are optional items that may be supplied to complete the System.Progressive Systems may be intermittent work with single, total use of lubricant orcontinuous and circulating work.

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Multiple Line

Multiple Line Systems are designed for safe and efficient oil or grease lubrication.

Lubricating systems are composed by a defined number of adjustable flow piston pumps that sends lubricant to each individual lubricating point.

These lubricating pumps may be driven by different types of driving such as manual, electrical or mechanic (rotating, cam, eccentric, etc.) and their reservoirs have adequate size for each project, which results in large flexible choice for theirapplications.

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Double Line

This system was designed for application in large size equipment (sugar mills, steel mills, etc.).

Double Line System may operate both with oil and grease to be intermittently and alternately pumped to dividers by means of two main lines, avoiding so lossof pressure head in the system as a function of large distances between points to be lubricated.

Several optional devices such as controllers, inverting valves, relief valves, safety valves, strainers, etc., allow ample choice in meeting requirements of each project and installation.

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Single Line

Single Line Lubrication may be applied to small and average size machines to obtain efficient and safe lubrication in a Single way and little investment.

The main characteristic of Single Line System is at its metering valves that are volumetric and each actuation sends a precise quantity of lubricant, eitheroil or soft grease. An intermittent working pump, manual, pneumatic or electrical driven sends lubricant under pressure through a distribution equipped with metering valves which, by its turn, individually lubricates each point of the machine. A controller / timer may be supplied as optional to control the system.

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